Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun With Facial Hair!

So I grew out a bit of a beard for about 2 weeks. The time came for me to shave (because I have an intramural soccer game at BYU and they don't allow facial hair.) I decided to have a little fun instead of just cutting it all off in one fell swoop. So let me know what you think!

I had some good beard growing.

This is my tough biker gang look.

Ready to play!


Britt said...

I think I like the stash best ;)

Mardi and Jeremey said...

Too bad about your intramural game. I liked the beard. Jer still has a man crush on you though.

Dallas and Krista said...

I really miss you! Wish I could have seen your nasty mustache! And your room looks very nice and friendly! You always do a good job of that :)

Deb said...

I vote that all are adaquately creepy.