Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Redemtion of Clint Mathis

There is a long story behind this but I will try to keep it short. For years I have heckled Clint Mathis, a professional soccer player. At one game, he had just gotten a yellow card for complaining to the ref. Sitting in the 10th row, well with in the range of my voice, I yell at him, "MATHIS! Quit Crying you baby!" He looks right at me and says, "F#@$ You!" and flips me off. Ever since then I have hated on him.

He recently got resigned by ReAL Salt Lake and I happened to be at the game. I made a sign. Oh I also happened to have field passes again.

He got subbed in and I yelled at him a bunch. After the game we had VIP access and Mathis comes walking out. I wanted to have him autograph my sign but was scared he might punch me in the face. He's quite a jerk on the field. I came down with a bad case of Patchitis and wussed out on all my chances to get his autograph so I took some candid photos.
There he is in the striped shirt.
So finally my friend Lydia goes up to him and says, "Could you sign my friends poster? You told him to F off once." Clint says, "I've said that to a lot of people," and smiles. He signs my poster.

Then we got the best picture ever!
He was super cool. I can say now that THE BEEF IS OVER! I won't hate on him anymore. I shall turn my heckles elsewhere. Thanks for being a cool dude Clint Mathis.

There is so much more that happened at the game that night that needs mentioning. We ended up with box seats that included a free buffet of Joe's Famous BBQ before the game.

Then we went down to the bean bag seats and threw out a bunch of mini balls to the 'regular' fans.

We got the first front row handicap parking spot. It was amazing. Everything fell into place. It's in the top 3 of the best games I have ever attended. So much fun!


Mardi and Jeremey said...

Good job Clint Mathis for being a bigger man. I love the pictures. You should have thrown us a ball!!

Britt said...

Caleb, you are awesome!

Kara said...

How do you do it? Why haven't I ever been invited to a game where I get to sit on the sidelines?? When you start doing marketing for the MLS, will you PLEASE HOOK A SISTER UP!?

Davia King said...

Good memories Caleb! Glad I got to share it with you.