Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dear Anonymous Hater,

I recall the Lion from the Wizard of Oz was a coward much like you. You conveniently hide behind the safety of being a nobody. I think it is pathetic and you won’t ever find me ducking behind anonymity when I want to speak my mind. I don’t have a problem with your opinion. You are more than able to express it. That is the glory of the blogosphere, blogiverse, or what ever this is we are a part of; you can have a voice no matter who you are or how small it may be.

So when you come to my page and you make a comment at least have the BALLS, for lack of a better word, to reveal your identity. I don’t care if you come to hate or praise my words and thoughts. You can think I am a stalker or want to beat up my sisters (classy by the way) but at least, AT LEAST! have some pride in your words and be something besides a coward that doesn’t have the guts to put a name next to some weak attempt at hating on me.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, please refer to the comments section of the previous post. You will see where some pusillanimous nobody decided to open their mouth and try to make me feel bad.

Let me clarify something for you Anonymous, I haven’t even talked to her in a month, It didn't end poorly between us and so there is no need for a restraining order. Also, my sister’s love me and they don’t like to see my feelings get hurt, they care and want to protect their brother in any way they can. So their comments aren’t those of aggression towards the people that hurt me, but rather aimed at me for purposes of consoling and showing me their love. So while you may not like their comments and think that they are stupid, you obviously lack the understanding and the same level of love and support from those around you. At least I know who loves me and who has got my back when it gets tough.

This is also on the heels of hearing that someone hated on my sister Krista’s blog, someone who knows about her but doesn’t really know her, and tried to insult her. I am sure that it was done out of pure jealously. She is a noble woman and you are petty and ignorant.

You are lucky that you stayed anonymous my friend, because if I knew who you were there would be words much stronger than these headed in you direction. I’ve been to jail for less. That’s my word. You can’t see me!

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