Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Story of my Ankle injury

I was playing softball on May 2nd. I had tagged up at first and was running to second base after the catcher had caught a foul ball. I got a good jump and caught him off guard. As the throw was coming in, I could see that it was coming in low. So instead of sliding in and getting hit with the ball I decided to jump over the ball and tag. When I came down on my right foot, heel first, it planted firmly in the dirt. My leg decided to keep moving. I think that is one of Newton's Laws. "An object in motion stays in motion, until it is acted on by another force." Something like that. In this case the other force that stopped my leg and body was my deltoid ligament. It of course ripped. I suffered an eversion sprain. 99% of ankle sprains are inversion, where the ligaments on the outside of your foot are compromised. The eversion sprain is far more rare and sucky...if I may use some medical terms.

It felt like the tibia...Kara, correct me because I am wrong...the left bone in your right leg that connects your knee to your ankle...felt like it folded over and touched the ground. I collapsed to the ground just past 2nd base and lay there about 5 inches from the bag. I was then tagged for the 3rd out of the inning.

Being probably the rawest person in the state I hobbled behind home plate and played catcher. I then took a couple innings off and tried to “walk it off.” It felt like the only thing keeping my ankle from simply falling off was the fact that I had skin. I had to bat and limped to 1st when I got a hit. By the 4th inning I was at 3rd base. Limited in my mobility the other team thought they would take advantage of my gimpyness. They obviously don’t know me. During the final inning when time had run out and we were hanging onto a minimal lead I made 2 outs from 3rd. One was rather good. I had to move to my right, do a 360, and chuck it over to beat the runner. People on the team were calling me the MVP. It made me feel good.

Anyhow, I went to a doctor and he took some x-rays and said that nothing was broken. He was gonna put me in a hard cast for 3 weeks. That was it. I left without a cast and went to another doctor on Monday. I got an ultra sound and found out that it was the deltoid ligament. Now I am in a walking boot most of the day.

Being this raw and with my team in the Cooley park Tournament of Champions, I had to play some ball last night. I put on 2 ankle braces and experienced discomfort in the form of an almost blister and bloody knee. When I batted I used a pinch runner although once time I hit it over the out fielders head and had to go for a triple. I have another game tonight but this time I have some mole skin and a band-aid to protect me.

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brittany said...

you are such a nut. That looks aweful. Good story, though. If you want to be playing baseball when you're 35, though, I suggest you let yourself heal.

I laughed when you said, "I was then tagged out for the third out of the inning."