Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Weddings and Other Highlights

I have been in California the past couple of weeks/ends for my mom and dad's weddings. (They married other people, not each other again.) I just thought it would be nice to share a few of my favorite photos from the trips.

 Watching Snow White and the Huntsman with my sisters in Carmel.
 Just a little piece of a gorgeous yard at my mom's place.
 Dallas, brother-in-law, handling business like a boss. 
 Putting green and 1st and 10th holes at Roundhill Country Club.
 Ribera Beach below my mom's house where I go sea glass hunting.
 Behold my sheaves! What an array of glass!
 I thought the drop of water in the flower was sweet looking. The flash made it sparkle.
 At the Giants game on a sunny afternoon with Krista, Kara and Chris.
 The Monterey Bay Aquarium. The sea turtle. Life is better with turtles.
 A via of San Francisco from the south coming up the 101.
 A quality Father's day picture if you ask me.  This guy still loves his only boy and I love him back.
Little me on my first birthday. 

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