Thursday, October 20, 2011

Deconstructing Crushes

Crushes are a strange thing.  I don't fully understand them.  Its like they are ethereal, ghostly; like nothing is ever SUPPOSED to happen with them even though you want it to.  (Was that the correct usage of a semi-colon?) Like, 'What the... I have a crush on that girl for some reason.'  It comes out of no where and you end up totally defenseless against it.

What I think is strange about them is there is always more to it than just being attractive.  There is always a +1.  It doesn't have to be anything huge.  Most times what sets off a crush is something subtle, almost intangible, these whimsical attributes that you just can't grasp or quantify.  Maybe being based on so little is the reason they happen so easily and often but are constantly fleeting.

I have gone through hundreds of crushes.  Some repeatedly, I will get a crush on a girl months apart but all I have to do is see her and its happens all over again.  Others it happens just for a single day and for one reason or another it just goes away.  I find it interesting that I haven't ever stopped getting them and sometimes they surprise me because of how different they are.  Some are on local ladies.  Some are famous singers, actresses, or celebrities of some kind.

The reasons for the crush are superficial and based on next to nothing.  Maybe I  like how her character on TV is written or she has awesome dimples or a sexy voice or cool hair or big eyes or maybe she is like no one you've met before and is intriguing or she's in a band or really loves her work.

With a crush I expect nothing to ever happen.  I am content with the crush.  I want to act but when I really noodle on it I realize that it is simply a crush and it will never go anywhere.

But sometimes...when it comes down to the meat of the issue, all I want is to have a crush on a girl that has a crush on me.  Maybe something would happen.


Ana Tiki said...

I like this post. Id have to agree with you. It is very common with college professors to have crushes on an intellectual level.

avinuity said...

I also cannot what is this , just look and go through..