Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Tipping Bucket

I friend of mine, Sara Joy Pond, (she's in my ward and my FHE Co-Chair) created this non-profit organization a couple of years ago and has a tremendous opportunity to win a grant from Pepsi. But I/She needs the help of friends of friends and family. I am trying to help.

Check out this video as well.

What is Tipping Bucket?

Tipping Bucket is an organization and website that allows everyday people to get involved and help fund projects (for as little as a dollar.) This month they are working to win a grant from Pespi as part of the Pepsi Refresh Project to help build the organization and help more people in more places.

Tipping Bucket projects LITERALLY heal the sick, cause the blind to see (funded over 500 cataract surgeries in Uganda over the summer,) the lame to walk (through prosthetic limbs,) and allows people to submit projects and ideas that will allow them to help themselves and their communities.

What Can You Do?
As part of the competition you have the opportunity to vote everyday during month of November, in 3 different ways.
1) Sign up at it requires you to have an account but you won't get spammed.
2)Go to and submit a vote using facebook.
3) Text 104182 to 73774 (PEPSI)

You can vote each day using all 3 methods and I encourage you to do so. Please copy and paste this and post it to your blog or send an email out to your friends if you think this is a worthy cause.

Every vote (like every other drop in the bucket) makes a difference. Join me in making these dreams a reality. Spread the word, add your drop. Thank you so much!

Here is the link to the video in case you would like to send it out to some people ot use it in your blog.

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