Monday, July 13, 2009

Name This Song!

On the day I left Cape Cod, my sisters somehow got an old song stuck in their heads. All the reminiscing must have spawned the memory somehow. I got a call while in the airport asking if I knew who sang the song. At that moment they all started singing into the phone and I instantly recognized the song. I had heard it many times before. The only problem was no of us could remember what the song was called or the band's name that performed it.

The next day I called Brittany back and talked to her a bit more about the song and did some searching. The only thing I could find in all the lyric search engines, google video, or youtube was this: SWEET JANE ID.

Apparently this person is struggling to figure it out too. So if any of you know who sings it holler at your boy! It may even be worth a prize. :)