Monday, June 22, 2009

Brief Update

You can follow me on twitter now if you'd like. or click on the link to the right. It updates to the blog here as well.

I was thinking about it the other day how well these different social utilities are all connected. From my cell phone I can update my twitter, which then will post to my blog and my facebook, updating the status. I can send pictures that I take with my phone to my blog or to facebook with a couple clicks of some buttons. I find it fascinating and maybe a bit of overkill. But hey, apparently people want to know about it.

My Elbow - The final verdict was that I had Cellulitis I got the first bill from the hospital which, if they don't help me out a bit, will set me back about $500. Hopefully I can get a break like last time. My bank account is starving for an influx of cash money. I have a feeling mine isn't the only one out there.

I had a birthday this last week. I turned 30. Hard to believe really. I don't feel older or any different but 30 just sounds older. I had a good birthday. A couple of my friends bought my meals, I had a grip of people over to eat cake and ice cream. Thanks to everyone for your messages and calls. I appreciated them.

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