Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mr. Serve On

As part of my gig at work I serve legal papers. I am a "process server." Let me tell you something, I LOVE serving people. It is so fun for me for some strange reason. Let me tell you why.

Tonight I was getting my serve on and I show up at this guy's door, his little kids are running around inside, some stranger at the door, confused.

Me: Hey how's it going? Are you John Doe?
Dude: Yeah.
Me: Awesome. These are for you.
Dude: Am I getting served?
Me: You bet you are.
Dude: uh...thanks.

The door closes and for some reason I got all giddy! I'm skipping across this guy's lawn, smiling, jumping in the air and clicking my heels, singing to myself, "Yeah you just got served!"

The next guy I serve I had talked to on the phone earlier because I had to track him down and confirm that he was the guy. He was worried about the legal action he was becoming involved in. I talked him through it and explained that he is just a minor figure in the grand scheme of the law suit. Anyway, I show up and I talk to him a little more about what he needs to do and assure him its not him that they are after. I thank him for being so kind and helpful and he does the same. I walk away smiling again.

The last guy I served tonight, I was 4 of 5, was having a restraining order renewed against him. I had talked to his roommate yesterday when the guy I was serving wasn't home. I see the roommate outside and ask him if homeboy is home, "Yeah he's in there." Word up.

I go to the door and he answers.
Me: Are you John?
Dude: Uh...uh who?
Me: Are you John Smith Doe?
Dude: no. What is this regarding?
Me: I just talked to your roommate, he says you're here.
Dude: I uh, what's this about?
Me: Do you know a Jane Anderson?
Dude: Yeah.
Me: These are for you.
Dude: What is it?
Me: It looks like she wants to renew her restraining order.
Dude: Renew?
Me: (as I am walking away) Apparently she's got one on you right now.
I get in my car and I'm out.

Some days are tedious and hard. Some are a breeze. Some days like today just make me giggly on the inside. I don't know why...but I like it.


Brianne said...
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Mardi and Jeremey said...

Caleb, you somehow always brighten my day. The world is a better place because of your hilarious personality.