Monday, July 14, 2008

The Celebration Station!

Let's just say I have some good friends that love me. I got hooked up with these 'on the field' couch seats from my good buddy Johnny Recalde. This is after my friend Brad invited me to the game. Johnny calls and says he's got the hook up. So there we are on the field on some super comfortable couches. People are staring at us in pure jealousy. It helps that I am wearing a homemade shirt that says, "I'm Awesome."

During the 2nd half the subs were warming up and we told the players warming up that if they scored they needed to come to the Celebration Station, aka our seat. So Robbie Findley knocks one in points right at us and comes running.

Awesome right? I then click on the MLS League website and that is the main picture on the website. I'm working on getting in touch with the photographer so I can maybe get some prints of it.

This was my 2nd spat at international stardom. I was also pictured on the US Men's Soccer website a few years back celebrating behind the goal as Landon Donovan scored the 2nd goal against Costa Rica in a World Cup Qualifier.


brittany said...

You really ARE awesome!! I know where to go when I am in need of a celebration station. YEEEEE haw!

Mardi & Jeremey said...

This is just like the one with you behind the goal during the US Game. You are the coolest person I know! -mardi

Dallas and Krista said...

Haha I love it so much! You are fully AWESOME! I want to come to the celebration station!