Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Provo River Rafting - May 2005

This is how the Provo River usually looks.

This is how we ride the Provo River.

This is some home video that was finally put to music and edited for everone's enjoyment. The final part of the video was filmed near the Bonneville movie studio, near the Taco Time, and Movies 8 and just up river from Bon Losee. See Map

Shot at the end of May 2005, this rafting expedition was during the maximum flood stages for winter run off. The river was running fast that day. She almost took our lives. We came upon a bridge that wasn't seen on the initial scouting report. The water a swelled up and there was only about a foot of clearance. We weren't going to make it under. We aimed for the shore but she was moving too quickly. We got hold of some branches and tried to pull our way through the thick branches and debris. The rivers fury was too much and flipped the raft over. I ended up underneath the raft which floated upside-down under the bridge. I tried to get out from under the raft but my life jacket wouldn't allow me to get under the raft. I was too bouyant. After struggling to get free I was rescued by Dave Beck, Mark Dalecki, and Scott. They were able to catch up to the raft and flip it over. We lost 2 oars but escaped with our lives.


leah said...

Hey Caleb,
hows it goen? I found your blog through Jamie and Punj's. You are hilarious, you have always been. Loved the video. Hope you are doing well.

Mardi & Jeremey said...

That video was awesome! I am glad they were able to rescue you. I am sure that next summer the river will be just as full. We should all laugh at death together and try this again.

calibosmom said...

What a blast! Looks soo fun.

MacDonald Family said...

Too bad robb missed that trip. We were just getting home from the hospital with the babe. Yes, and I agree with the person who said the water will be just as high this summer and that you should do it again. You should. Plan it and make it your Lopez reunion!