Thursday, January 19, 2006

My New Job

So I have started work and from what I can tell it is going to be AWESOME! It'll be hard but totally cool. I am learning a lot and I'm trying to be creative and apply what I learned in school.

I work for a commercial land developer. We buy a plot of land and build shell commercial office space. We then sell the space to businesses ranging from Law, Medical, Accounting/Financial services, Real Estate, etc. These companies are then able to design the insides of the offices to fit their needs. We provide the opportunity for these people to own their space for about what normal rent would cost. This is a benefit to them because owning builds equity.

My job as the marketing guy involves quite a bit of stuff. I work with brochure design, with what the website looks like and its content, and signage design. I run database reports and formulate the marketing strategy. Where do we advertise, what do those ads look like, how long do we use them? I do the press releases, company parties, and groundbreaking. I decided what community service we should do, where and whom we should provide sponsorships to. I determine what the emails say for follow-ups, I decide where we need to be looking for new leads; I will be doing a big mailer direct marketing campaign. It incorporates a lot and if I don't do a good job then we don't sell our buildings and we go under. But that won't happen.

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dalee macdonald said...

Caleb that sounds really cool! (your job that is). Good job landing a great gig. What sounds so great about it is the fact that you get to do so much; that is what I love about growing companies.

oh, I got this link because I asked robb what you do for work and he gave me your site link.